Daily Archives: 18.10.2015

ModSecurity Community Meeting #1

The minutes of the first ModSecurity Developer Community Meeting have been posted online at https://www.modsecurity.org/developers/meetings/modsecurity.2015-10-14-19.06.html. A tiny patch fixing the ModSecurity / Apache logformat has been accepted into the next ModSecurity release 2.9.1. So we are technically part of the developer community, but our participation goes far deeper than the coding. See the transcript.   […]

Swiss Cyber Storm 2015

The 2015 Swiss Cyber Storm conference is going to be held in the KKL Lucerne on 21. Oct. 2015. Information about the conference is available from the Swiss Cyber Storm website. netnea / Christian Folini is a member of the organisation committee.   Christian Folini Follow @ChrFolini Tweet

OIN turns 10

The Open Invention Network (OIN) aims to protect Open Source Software, and Linux in particular, against patent lawsuits. It maintains a pool of patents centered around Linux, and builds a continuously growing patent non-aggression community. In October 2015, OIN looks back to ten successful years: OIN press coverage netnea is a member of OIN since […]