Swiss Cyber Experts

Conference Report “Cyber Risks Switzerland 2015”

November 2, 2015, saw this years edition of the conference Cyber-Risks Switzerland organised by MELANI. While the last year’s edition presented a lot of interesting and promising ideas, this year brought concepts in draft stage, first reports from the frontline, lessons learnt at law enforcement and a batch of reports in finalised state. It’s all […]

Reporting from the Convention “Cyber Risks Switzerland 2014”

This is a brief report from the convention Cyber Risks Switzerland 2014 (Tagung Cyber Risiken Schweiz), Berne November 20, 2014. The conference, organised by ISB/MELANI, was meant to give some insight into the implementation of the various tasks formulated in the National Cyber Strategy (NCS). Meeting and networking between all sorts of players in the […]