Netdisco with SNMP V3 and Cisco

If you change Cisco switches from SNMP V1/2 to V3, it may go unnoticed that part of the SNMP polling in Netdisco stops working. Specifically, the collection of per-VLAN MAC address tables will fail, with authorization errors in the macsuck log. Additional snmp-server config commands on the switch are required to enable access to the […]

netdisco-sshcollector now available for Netdisco 1.x and 2.x

We’ve released our Open Source netdisco-sshcollector on github. It is a modular package for Netdisco ARP table collection by SSH, intended for devices which do not offer conventional SNMP IP-MIB access to this information. Depending on your Netdisco version, use these repositories: For Netdisco 1.x Legacy, the code is maintained by us as long as […]

converting IANA enterprise-numbers to JSON

http://www.iana.org/assignments/enterprise-numbers maps all SMI Network Management Private Enterprise Codes in iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprise ( to organizations, contacts and e-mails. I had to convert this file in JSON to be able to load it into Agent-Jones, my SNMP web-service. At first look, the file looks easy to parse. However, it is buggy at many places, with wrong number of spaces, line-continuations, […]

QoS parsing on Cisco routers

As I wrote in my previous article, Cisco ASR have a strange way of indexing its cbQos* tables, so I had to rewrite a parser following the MIB more closely. It is available as part of a bigger software part, originally written by Shane Scott, namely a QoS Zenpack for Zenoss. I adapted Shane’s work to […]