Simon Studer

Simon Studer

IT / Security consultant

MSc Computer Science, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Steps and Skills

  • Contributions to OWASP Core Rule Set, ModSecurity, mod_auth_openidc, Queue-it KnownUser Lua SDK
  • Contributions to Apache / ModSecurity tutorials
  • Expert in ModSecurity, Apache Reverse Proxies, Security, and Linux OS
  • Experience in Bash, Python, Ruby, Java
  • Experience in systems administration
  • Languages: German, English, and French
  • Member of netnea since 2018

Selected Projects:

  • Maintenance and further development of reverse proxy platforms consisting of hundreds of reverse proxy services with web application firewall, authentication, quality of service components, including deployment, logging, and monitoring
  • Consulting on and engineering of various reverse proxy platforms
  • Engineering of containerized reverse proxy containers
  • Engineering of automated container builds
  • Engineering of cloud workloads on OpenShift and AWS EKS
  • Integration of session queueing technology into existing reverse proxy setups

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Viola
  • Photography