Christian Folini

Christian Folini

netnea senior security consultant

webserver engineer and system administrator

Dr. phil. (History), University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Steps and Skills

  • OWASP ModSecurity Core Rules committer and developer, developer of the whitelist configuration editor Remo.
  • Apache engineer with a strong interest in authentication and DDoS Defense.
  • Experience in Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP and Javascript development.
  • Publications on database architecture in a scholarly setting, articles in Sysadmin Magazine and the German Linux Magazin.
  • Experienced teacher and coach.
  • 3rd level LPI certified (LPIC-3 Security).
  • Christian Folini speaks German, English and French; all three fluently.

Selected Projects

  • Design and implementation of the reverse proxy, the authencation layer and the web application firewall of a mid-sized Swiss bank.
  • Design and implementation of the reverse proxy layer for 120 dedicated services of a very big Swiss company.
  • Active Defender in one of the best known Swiss DDoS attacks.
  • Vice-President Swiss Cyber Experts.
  • Co-Organiser of the Swiss Cyberstorm IT Conference.
  • Author of a dozen Apache tutorials here at netnea.
  • Developer of Remo – a whitelist rule editor for ModSecurity.

Certificates and Trainings

  • Linux Professional Institute Certificate Level 3 (LPIC-3 Security).

Interests and hobbies: