Charles Bueche

Charles Bueche

IT / Telco consultant
Software architect and Linux sysadmin

HTL Engineer in Electronics

Steps and Skills:

  • netnea founding member (1998).
  • Apache module development for SSO environments.
  • Network management with OpenService NerveCenter, CA eHealth, Cacti, Zenoss, Observium and LibreNMS.
  • Network forensics with RRDtool, NetFlow, SNMP traps, syslog, ELK Stack and Splunk.
  • SNMP tool integration with Python, PHP and Perl.
  • Software architect, integrator and developer for distributed systems using SOA, REST API’s, Web services.
  • Flask, Django and CakePHP frameworks.
  • Charles Bueche speaks French, English and German.

Selected Projects:

  • Implementation of a Django web application, including authentication middleware.
  • Development of a Grails REST web-service to correlate and export data.
  • Design and implementation of a service-provider, multi-tenant OSS/NMS using Zenoss, Gerty and ServiceNow.
  • Development of Agent-Jones, a multi-platform web-service to abstract the network.
  • Design and development of a multi-tenant CMDB.
  • Zenoss Zenpacks for FortinetQoS and IP-SLA measurement with Zenoss.
  • Integration of a multi-vendor SNMP management platform for 20 VPNs and 8’000+ devices.
  • Design and implementation of an Apache module for a secure reverse-proxy.

Hobbies and Interests:

  • Multihull sailing on A-Cat (president of SACA from 2011-2016 and president of IACA since 2016).
  • Tube/Valve-audio.
  • red wines (especially Bandol).


  • pgp key (fingerprint = 1BC6 19E3 BD37 1493 9735 AD40 EDEB A5EF DDE4 B2DE)