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Kubuntu to Arch Linux

For years, and after using Gentoo in the years 2000-2005, I have been using Kubuntu LTS on my successive laptops. For a while I used an Apple Macbook Pro, but at some point I was constantly compiling diverse MacPorts packages to the point that Linux made more sense. Kubuntu seemed like the logical way. It […]

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Ansible end_play vs end_host

If your Ansible playbook needs to be stopped for a single node (host) of your inventory, be sure you do use “meta: end_host” and not “meta: end_play”. The later stops the whole script, and can potentially creates a hard-to-debug situation, depending on your parallelism and the order on which nodes are checked during the playbook […]

The risks and merits of automation

Today morning a customer decided to deploy a new /etc/ntp.conf configuration file, using his own automation software. His approach was somewhat more aggressive than desired, so he broke NTP on 30+ servers, leading to an alert flood. Using an Ansible role, I was able to re-install the correct ntp.conf and restore this important service within […]

Redundant PostgreSQL connection in Django

Let’s assume you have a redundant cluster of PostgreSQL servers, eg built with repmgr, and you want your Django application to benefit from this redundancy. As of Django 3.1, this is not really documented, but some easy steps gets you there, if you are using recent versions of PostgreSQL, psycopg2, Django and Python. First of […]

Cisco Prime 3.x fills up /var

Symptom : Prime 3.7 won’t start. Reason : /var is full, as /var/log/wtmp fills up quickly : sudo -i ls -l /var/log/wtmp ade # utmpdump /var/log/wtmp | more [5] [06834] [tyS0] [ ] [ttyS0] [ ] [] [Tue Feb 04 21:30:45 2020 CET] [5] [06835] [tyS1] [ ] [ttyS1] [ ] [] [Tue Feb 04 […]

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