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Ansible end_play vs end_host

If your Ansible playbook needs to be stopped for a single node (host) of your inventory, be sure you do use “meta: end_host” and not “meta: end_play”. The later stops the whole script, and can potentially creates a hard-to-debug situation, depending on your parallelism and the order on which nodes are checked during the playbook […]

Rule Exclusion Script on Steroids

The ModSecurity / OWASP Core Rule Set tutorials here at are visited by over 8,000 times a month. With many of the unique visitors, the auxiliary script modsec-rulereport.rb is a favorite. The tool allows you to generate rule exclusions based on a ModSecurity rule alert message. Today, I’m presenting you a new version of […]

The risks and merits of automation

Today morning a customer decided to deploy a new /etc/ntp.conf configuration file, using his own automation software. His approach was somewhat more aggressive than desired, so he broke NTP on 30+ servers, leading to an alert flood. Using an Ansible role, I was able to re-install the correct ntp.conf and restore this important service within […]