Talking Risk in Information Technology

Domenico Salvati and Adrian Leuenberger of DefCon Switzerland ran a workshop on corporate risk management in Zurich. This one-day event addressed two goals: To present a model of risk “compatible” with upper management in order to allow techies to talk with high-ranked business representatives. To talk about a second model which measures and calculates probabilities […]

Reporting from the Convention “Cyber Risks Switzerland 2014”

This is a brief report from the convention Cyber Risks Switzerland 2014 (Tagung Cyber Risiken Schweiz), Berne November 20, 2014. The conference, organised by ISB/MELANI, was meant to give some insight into the implementation of the various tasks formulated in the National Cyber Strategy (NCS). Meeting and networking between all sorts of players in the […]

Malware Workshop With Roberto Perdisci And MELANI

Roberto Perdisci is an expert on botnets and malware infections at the University of Georgia. He came to Switzerland to present his Amico Open Source Software at Swiss Cyberstorm 2014 and I (Christian Folini here) had the pleasure to host a workshop with him and several malware specialists from MELANI, the Federal Swiss Reporting and […]

nftables to replace iptables firewall facility in upcoming Linux kernel

Nftables has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming Linux Kernel 3.13. After years of development – including a iptable-compatibility mode – the new kernel module is now ready for release. Nftable is simpler than iptables, it cleans up ip6 integration and it allows for easier rule scripting. Those interested to get going fast can […]