Swiss Cyber Experts founded with netnea’s support

Say you are a public institution and you face a really dangerous cyber attack. Your usual ISP has run out of ideas to fight back and the Swiss federal Analysis and Reporting center MELANI can not give you the ressources it would take to solve your case.

Fret not! A new public private partnership has been founded to come to help you: Swiss Cyber Experts!

The idea is to provide the public sector with a pool of security experts to solve advanced cyber security problems: attacks and forensic analysis alike.

The association Swiss Cyber Experts functions as a single point of contact for the public sector in such cases. It decides if the nature of the problem mandates the support of the pool of experts and it coordinates the mission of the said experts.

The idea is not to replace existing support contracts or a safety net for those who fail to do their homework. The idea is to help the public sector in Switzerland in severe cases; adding punctual knowledge and first-hand experience to enable the support partners to get their job done within an optimal time frame. For the benefit of everybody.

Netnea, specialised in big scale device monitoring and high security webserver setups, is a founding member of the association. We are equally pleased to announce that our Dr. Christian Folini has been elected into the board of the new association.

Here is the press release describing it all in more detail.

The Swiss Cyber Experts association will present itself on the web under this link.