More Testimonials

The Teacher

The teacher is great! Lots of knowledge, good communication skills and charisma 🙂
— Zygimantas, Oracle / Zenedge

You feel the the teacher’s passion for his topic – and that is contageous.
— Olivier, Genbutsu

Very deep understanding of apache and modsecurity and is an excellent teacher.
— Nicolas, VSHN

Excellent trainer. Really well explained both verbally and excellent lab guide.
— Andrew, The Urban Penguin

Christian was very friendly and approachable + very patient. 🙂
— Darren, Kemp Technologies

It is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Very inspiring teacher.
— Daniel, Swiss Post

Trainer is awesome: easy to discuss, helpful, makes sure that everyone is up to speed.
— Karolis, Oracle / Zenedge

No one knows ModSec better than Christian.
— Troy, a US Bank



The Content and the Material

You really learn how to develop, deploy, and analyse your own WAF in a simple and efficient way.
— Claudio, OneConsult

Don’t run ModSecurity before attending this course.
— Wojciech, European Central Bank

Very through course materials and tools to use modsecurity effectively.
— David, UK Fast

My understanding of ModSecurity now means my workload is reduced 90%!
— Leon, University of Reading

You should really attend if you want to learn how to do this right.
— Iwan, Swiss Post

Top grades for the course material.
— Andreas, Switch

It really helps with your daily work if your have / intend to have a ModSecurity deployment.
— Jorge, European Central Bank

Very easy to understand + interesting real life use-cases.
— Kirsty, UK Fast

It was a nice split between theoretical and practical parts!
— Thomas, European Central Bank

I like the interaction, the vibe, the material, it was easy to follow and understand.
— Tomas, Oracle / Zenedge

The course brings you know-how directly from the ModSec guru.
— Gabor, Swiss Post

Interactive, informative, fun, relevant, useful.
— Kenneth, a US Bank

The level of technical contents and of the training were amazing.
— Maurizio, Europen Central Bank

Hands on, being able to replicate attacks and see the logging in detail and modifying logs to see valuable information.
— Michael, Kemp Technologies

Absolutely necessary, if you want to do a ModSecurity / CRS3 project in a serious way.
— Nick, OIZ Zurich

If somebody wants to learn how to work with modsecurity and rules this is one of the first steps.
— Antanas, Oracle / Zenedge

Best training for any corp starting on ModSec (WAF).
— Hemat, a US Bank

Very informative, easy to learn the concepts and great knowledge behind the training.
— Carl, Kemp Technologies